Road & Bridge Department

Derek Brewer, P.E. - County Engineer

202 S. Hwy 123, Suite A

Ozark, Alabama 36360

(334) 774-5875 Phone

(334) 774-6899 Fax


The Dale County Road and Bridge manages the County’s Road and Bridge network. Management of this network is done through the unit system, a system by which the County Commission employs a Professional Civil Engineer who supervises and directs the daily operations of the County’s Road and Bridge Department. Presently, the County’s Road and Bridge network consists of 438.90 miles of paved road, 98 miles of unpaved road, 59 bridge structures, and 45 bridge culverts.

To request road repair, driveway pipe installation, traffic sign repairs/replacement, or other road and/or road right-of-way work, please call the County Engineer's office at (334) 774-5875.

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